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Web Site updated on September 26, 2016

Hidden Acres Farm, Breeder of World Class Hanoverian Horses. "Imported from Germany. Assembled in Michigan". Our RARE dam line boasts seven direct generations of States Premium/ titles. See our Testimonial Page for comments from our clients.

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Our News

September, 2016

Premium Mare Candidate Dolceja HA by the WBSHF # 1 Stallion DeNiro o/o EM Radunja (Rosentau/Weltmeyer) is now formerly offered For Sale. We seek a lifelong partner for her in a competition home that can fulfill her destiny into the Big Ring!

Contact Cheryl @ 517-673-2386 for more information. See video's below

Also For Sale:

Congratulations to Dolceja HA who was Champion of the Mare Performance Test at the Michigan inspection. Dolceja now carries the title of "Premium Mare Candidate" (formerly called Elite Mare Candidate). She represents 7 direct generations of "Premium" mares in her damline. Once she has a foal she completes the last requirement of Premium Mare.

August, 2016

Congratulations to both Dolceja HA and Royal Duchess HA who have completed a successful show season. Currently they are ranked #1 and #2 in USDF 3 Year Old Materiale Horse of the Year rankings.

Both girls also competed in one Training Level class and also scored in the 70's! Not bad for 3 year olds! Great trainer/rider Carrie Wilson.



June, 2016

We welcomed into this world on June 7th at 5 a.m. this beautiful filly "Serene Highness HA (aka Serena) by Sir Donnerhall o/o EM Halleluja HA (His HIghness/Rosentau/Weltmeyer). She is our prospect and hope for an eighth direct generation damline of Elite Hanoverian Mares.

April, 2016

Congratulations to EM Havannah L on the birth of her fillly by Waterford. She is the perfect little princess and Havannah's Mini Me! Further congratulations to her owner Lynn M who is also the owner of Daddy, Waterford!

As you can see Auntie's EM Halleluja and EM Heiress were also very excited to meet her but were wondering where their foals were. Patience girls you have a little more time to wait.

Our Ladies in Waiting... EM Halleluja (His Highness/Rosentau) and EM Havannah (His Highness/Rubinstein) comforting and grooming each other. Can't wait for the little ones to arrive.

EM Halleluja HA is expecting a foal from Sir Donnerhall

EM Havannah L is expecting a foal from Waterford


February, 2016

Our 2015 Munchkins posing in their big girl blankets. In blue is 8 month old Fabulja HA by Freestyle o/o EM Radunja (Rosentau/Weltmeyer) and in red is 10 month old Delilah HA by Destano o/o SPS Shakira (Sir Savoy/Florestan).

Love teaching the little ones "big horse" activities. They are standing nicely while they get all zipped up in their winter blankets. Good conditioning with the blanket belly wrap for when they have a saddle and girth.

January, 2016

The "Ladies" of Hidden Acres Farm are producing offspring that are winning at the National and Regional levels. This past year we report:


  • Qrown Prince (Quaterback o/o EM Halleluja (His Highness) placing 7th at the National Championships in Kentucky and Regional Champion on the East Coast.


  • Wyleigh Princess (Weltmeyer o/o EM Heiress (His Highness) was Regional Champion in CA


Your Next Dressage Partner Awaits For You!

We have one more 2016 in-utero foal remaining for sale.

This foal is by Sir Donnerhall o/o EM Halleluja (His Highness/Rosentau).

Please contact Cheryl at 517-673-2386 for more information.



October, 2015

The 2015 babies are getting ready to be weaned. These are the last photo's while still at mom's side.

From top to bottom:

Fabulja HA (at 4 months) by Freestyle o/o EM Radunja (Rosentau/Weltmeyer)

Revelation HA (at 3.75 months) by Rubignon o/o EM Heiress B (His Highness/Matcho)

Sir Dakota HA (at 5 months) by Sir Donnerhall o/o EM Halleluja HA (His Highness//Rosentau)

August, 2015

This was the month of Champions!

Shamrok Hit by Sandro Hit o/o EM Halleluja (His Highness/Rosentau/Weltmeyer) wins WEG Championship this weekend with 77.9%!

Ruth Shirkey, owner and rider of Wyleigh Princes (by Weltmeyer o/o EM Heiress) was named Regional Adult Amatuer Champion!

Qrown Prince (by Quaterback o/o EM Halleluja brings home the blues in two different states

Mickayla Frederick who is the future rider of Sir Dakota HA (by Sir Donnerhall o/o EM Halleluja HA) wins the FEI Junior Championship title !


We also are offering a champion for sale.

EM Halleluja's 2016 in-utero Sir Donnerhall foal is now offered for sale.

This foal is a sibling to Shamrok Hit, Sir Highness, Sir Majesty, Sir Dakota and Qrown Prince. Older brothers all winning under saddle. Don't miss out!




2015 foal herd has been formed. Love our foals from Sir Donnerhall, Freestyle and Rubignon. Will soon be announcing the 2016 confirmed foals.

June, 2015

Congratulations to EM Heiress B (His Highness/Matcho) on the birth of her Rubignon colt. Congratulations to Ruth Shirkey his owner and EMC Wyleigh Princess (Weltmeyer o/o EM Heiress) the big sister


Congratulations to EM Radunja (Rosentatu/Weltmeyer) on the birth of her Freestyle filly. This girl is big, healthy, refined like her Momma with white markings like her Daddy. We are in love with her!



May, 2015

Congratulations to EM Halleluja HA on the birth of her colt by Sir Donnerhall. "Sir Dakota HA" was born on 5/8 at 12:55 p.m. Congratulations to his owner Bob S from South Dakota.

April, 2015

Elite Mare Radunja' (Rosentau/Weltmeyer)'s 2015 inutero foal by Freestyle (Florestan o/o SPS Paloma) /is now available for sale. Freestyle has the highest breeding index of any stallion in North America.

More information about Radunja

More information about Freestyle

Pedigree of 2015 in-utero Freestyle foal

If you have interest please contact Cheryl at 517-673-2386.




Pictures of Radunja's offspring by His Highness, Samarant, Don Frederico, Londonderry, Fabuleux and DeNiro

November, 2014

Our 2014 babies have all left for their new homes. We miss them all but enjoy hearing about them.


October, 2014

The farm is so pretty this time of year and we were blessed with a rainbow to top it off!

Pictured is Shamrok Hit, 2011 gelding by Sandro Hit o/o Elite Mare Halleluja HA. (now and then) He has grown up to be an awesome boy with a bright future in the dressage ring. Here is what his trainer says about him and the video is a must watch!

"Remarkable three year old gelding by Sandro Hit out of a mare by His Highness. Outstanding rideability. Super laid back temperament. Doesn't believe in getting worked up about life. Excellent prospect for 4 year olds next year. He handles environment and pressure extremely well. Naturally has a flying change each way. Should make a top GP horse. Hacks out really nicely and also has a super jump. He is truly special. 50k Located in Bellingham Washington."

Another video of "Rockstar" as he is called being ridden by his amateur rider. He is 3 years old. Now that's high rideability.. just like his dam, EM Halleluja (His HIghness/Rosentau) and the other 7 generations of Elite Mares in her family!!

September, 2014

Well, SHE DID IT! Results of Wyleigh Princess's Mare Performance Test was that she is now an Elite Mare Candidate (just needs to have a foal to complete her Elite Mare requirements). AND she was Champion Mare of the MPT. We are so proud!

Found these special words posted on Facebook on 9/13 from Ruth Shirkey owner of Wyleigh Princess, by Weltmeyer o/o Elite Mare Heiress B.

"Heading to Wyleigh's Mare Performance Test. Can't believe it's been 5 years since I made the decision to search for my next ride. The path led me to Cheryl DeRoche Johnson and the tremendous Hanoverian breeding program that she and her great husband Eric have put together with their elite mares. As a weanling, Wyleigh went to Kevin and Ericka Reinig, where she had been ever since. Kevin developed a great partnership with her that won the Breed Show Region 7 Reserve and Champion awards. Ericka has done all the under saddle work and currently Wyleigh is 3rd in USDF Material standings with her last score an 81. Wyleigh has grown into everything I could have asked for up to this point. What a terrific birthday present!"


Congratulations to the purchasers of our 2015 In-Utero foal offerings:

  • USDF Gold Medalist Ruth Shirkey has purchased our 2015 Rubignon in-utero foal o/o Elite Mare Heiress B (His Highness/Matcho). Ruth is also the owner of Heiress' 2010 Weltmeyer Filly "Wyleigh Princess" who is currently USDF ranked #1 Hanoverian as 4 year old Materiale Mare and #1 as USDF Sport Horse Breeding 4 year old Maiden Mare.

  • Bob Susa, grandfather of a USDF Bronze Medalist has purchased our 2015 Sir Donnerhall in-utero foal o/o Elite Mare Halleluja HA (His Highness/Rostenau). His granddaughter is reportedly very thankful! They are hoping for a colt since if a filly it will stay with us.


August, 2014

Congratulations to Elite Mare Halleluja HA (His Highness/Rosentau) for her colt Sir Majesty HA (Sir Donnerhall/His Highness) being elected as TOP COLT out of 15 foals presented at the AHS Inspection. Also Elite Mare Havannah's colt Wregal Chrome HA (Wild Dance/His Highness/Rubinstein) was named "Reserve Colt". Dr. Ludwig Christman indicated both colts were very closely ranked.

Sir Majesty HA represents the second generation of Hidden Acre's breeding program as we also bred Elite Mare Halleluja HA


July, 2014

Wregal Chrome by Wild Dance (Wolkenstein/Matcho) out of Elite Mare Havannah at 2 months old is now

SOLD! Congratulations to Connie W on the purchase of Wregal Chrome HA

All of our 2014 foals are now SOLD, but, stay tuned for the announcement of our 2015 foal offerings. Coming Soon!


June, 2014

It's been awhile since we have shown our 2013 "keeper" fillies. Pictured is Dolceja HA by DeNiro out of Elite Mare Radunja (Rosentau/Weltmeyer) and Royal Duchess HA by Rotspon out of Elite Mare Heiress B (His Highness/Matcho). The girls are demonstrating their version of "airs above the ground" yearling style. (all four feet in the air in these pictures).



May, 2014

Congratulations to Elite Mare Havannah on the birth of her COLT "Wregal Chrome HA" by Wild Dance. He was born May 3rd at 8:30 p.m. Havannah has now fulfilled her last requirement to carry the title of Elite Mare! Wregal Chrome seemed fitting for such an elegant fellow with bling who was also born on the day California Chrome won the derby!

Video at three weeks old

Video at one week old

Congratulations to Elite Mare Heiress on the birth of her COLT by Rotspon. His name is "Royal Heir HA". He was born May 1st at 10:45 p.m.

Congratulations to Roberta Falk on this in-utero purchase.

April, 2014

May we introduce you to "Sir Majesty HA". A colt with very royal parents. Congratulations to Elite Mare Halleluja (His Highness/Rosentau/Weltmeyer) on the safe delivery of her 2014 Sir Donnerhall colt!

Here he is at 1 day old. Born on April 19th.

Congratulations to Anne S. on her purchase of Sir Majesty HA as a stallion prospect for her. We are thrilled!

March, 2014

Great to hear from our owners. Here is recent picture of 2012 colt Wroyal Dancer by Wild Dance o/o Elite Mare Heiress (His Highness/Matcho). We have a 3/4 sibling coming this spring. The 2014 colt by Wild Dance is out of EMC Havannah by His Highness/Rubinstein. This foal is offered for sale.

Halleluja (His Highness/Rosentau) is expecting a 2014 foal from Sir Donnerhall

Havannah (His Highness/Rubinstein) is expecting a 2014 foal from Wild Dance - FOR SALE

February, 2014

Always love hearing from the owners of our foals. Here are recent pictures of our 2011 foal crop:

Elite Mare Halleluja's 2011 colt by Sandro Hit. This is Shamrok Hit now at 3 years old (top)

Elite Mare Heiress's 2011 colt by Weltmeyer. This is Wroyal William now at 3 years old. (bottom)



January, 2014

Top: L - R: Elite Mare Radunja by Rosentau / Weltmeyer and her Elite Mare Daughters Halleluja by His Highness and (bottom) Donnalja by Don Frederico. All were champions at their Mare Performance Testing (Germany/ USA). Also pictured at bottom is "Dolceja", Radunja's 2013 daughter by DeNiro who has big shoes to fill when she takes her MPT in the future.

Elite Mare Halleluja is expecting a foal by Sir Donnerhall in April. This foal is offered for sale in-utero. If a filly there is potential it could represent 8 direct generations of "Elite Mare" status. Very rare.

Radunja will be bred in the spring for a 2015 foal. Stay tuned!


Love looking back at what our mares produce. These are pictures of two of Halleluja's colts, Qrown Prince by Quaterback and Sir Highness by Sandro Hit. We would say alot of freedom in the shoulder.

EM Halleluja (His Highness/Rosentau) has a 2014 foal coming from Sir Donnerhall. We are very excited to see the results of this pairing. Doubling up of Donnerhall bloodlines has been very successful in Germany.

See the Pedigree of this in-utero foal here. This should be a special foal indeed!

This foal is being offered For Sale inutero. If a filly this foal could represent the 8th direct generation of Elite Mares. This is very rare and illustrates a long line of high quality performance horses.

Contact Cheryl at 517-673-2386 for more information.


December, 2013

FOR SALE offerings have been modified.

We will sell in-utero any of our 2014 foals. Yes, that means we are offering you the opportunity to own a filly from our fantastic damlines. Buy now in-utero with a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE.


Received pictures of Radunja's 2010 colt Le Hot Shot by Londonderry. He has sure grown up to be stunning.

November, 2013

Qrown Prince (Quaterback/EM Halleluja (His Highness) at 3 years old at dressage trainers. Looking foward to seeing more of him in the upcoming years. Thanks to Debbie his owner for keeping us up to date with his development!

EM Halleluja has a 2014 foal coming from Sir Donnerhall. This foal is being offered For Sale inutero.


October, 2013

We now have "weanlings". Dolceja HA (DeNiro/Rosentau) and Royal Duchess HA (Rotspon/His Highness) doing great in the company of their Aunties Havannah L (His Highness/Rubinstein) and Halleluja HA (His Highness/Rosentau).

Both of these girls will be staying on as our future broodmares.

September, 2013

Like Mother, Like Daughter


Top: Wyleigh Princess (Weltmeyer/ EM Heiress B (His Highness/Matcho)


Bottom: Heiress B (His Highness/Matcho)


BOTH 3 year old local and regional Champion Mares!


August, 2013

We were very proud of our fillies at the AHS inspection.

Judge's comments:

Dolceja: Deniro/Rosentau/Weltmeyer) "Very typey filly with correct legs and good top line, well developed and good size, beautiful head and neck. Great brood mare or dressage horse prospect".

Royal Duchess: (Rotspon/His Highness/Matcho) "Harmonious well muscled, good head and neck, good connection in loin. Correct legs. Great brood mare or dressage horse prospect. Both sire and damsire known for high rideability."

Both these fillies were worth repeating and we tried. Unfortunately we only have a full sibling to Royal Duchess coming next year.

Look for 2014 Rotspon in-utero foal offering from Heiress B. A full sibling to Royal Duchess.

Update as of 8/26/2013 the 2014 Rotspon in-utero foal is SOLD! Congratulations to Roberta

July, 2013

Royal Duchess HA by Rotspon out of EM Heiress B (His Highness/Matcho at age 8 weeks old AND Dolceja HA by Deniro out of EM Radunja (Rosentau/Weltmeyer) at age 12 weeks old.

We just love our girls.

We are expecting a full sibling in 2014 to Royal Duchess (Rotspon/His Highness/Matcho). See For Sale


June, 2013

Thanks to Christian Wood who once again helped me take pictures of the new girls.


See video of Dolceja (DeNiro out of Radunja) at 6 weeks old

See video of Royal Duchess (Rotspon out of Heiress) at 1 month old



We still are waiting for news on our breedings for the year. So far we have confirmed:

  1. Halleluja HA is in foal to Sir Donnerhall.

  2. Heiress B is in foal to Rotspon. This foal will be FULL sibling to Royal Duchess HA

  3. Candidate Havannah L is in foal to Wild Dance! This foal will be 3/4 sibling to Wroyal Dancer. The difference between the two foals is we have added "Rubinstein" blood.


Stay tuned for news on Radunja.




EMC Havannah L by His Highness out of EM Raritat (Rubinstein)

Dolceja HA by Deniro out of EM Radunja (Rosentau/Weltmeyer)

Royal Duchess HA by Rotspon out of EM Heiress B (His Highness/Matcho)

May, 2013

It's another FILLLY! We proudly introduce the "Royal Duchess" of Hidden Acres Farm, a 2013 filly by Rotspon out of Heiress (His Highness/Matcho). We are in love once again!

Congratulations! SOLD to Hidden Acres Farm :>)

Stay tuned for 2014. We will repeat this breeding and offer for sale.

Royal Duchess HA


It's a FILLY!! We proudly introduce "Dolceja HA"(Pronounced "dol SAY ya") 2013 filly by DeNiro out of Radunja (Rosentau/Weltmeyer). She is named "Dolce" for her sweetness plus the "ja" to honor her mother (as did her sisters Halleluja and Donnalja.) However her barn name will be "Dolly" my mother's family nickname (RIP Mom). We hope she follows in the footsteps of her sisters Halleluja AND Donnalja and also becomes a 7 direct generation of States Premium/s.

Congratulations! SOLD to Hidden Acres Farm :>)

Stay tuned for 2014. We will repeat this breeding and offer for sale.


April, 2013

It was so nice to hear from Wroyal Dancer's owner. She sent this picture and short video of him playing with his ball. She also reports: "Wroyal has been nothing but a joy and love since he arrived at our farm in MA". See more on our Testimonial page.


Wroyal Dancer 8 months old

March 2013

March always reminds me of our special boys. "Paddy", Shamrok Hit who was born on St. Patrick's Day and his full brother Sir Highness.

I received these pictures recently from their owners. Sir Highness also paid tribute to the holiday by wearing a green blanket!

Both these boys are out of Halleluja (His Highness/Rosentau) by Sandro Hit.



Now - a 2 year old

Now a yearling

February 2013

Received news about Fabio Auguste (now called Fame). Here is a picture of him at his new home with his owner Ann. Thanks Ann for thinking of us and sending the picture!

Fabio's dam, Radunja is in foal to DeNiro for 2013. We are currently offering this foal for sale at an in-utero price (colt option only) with a live foal guarantee.

Contact Cheryl@HiddenAcresFarm.Net; 517-673-2386


January 2013

This is Wyleigh Princess by Weltmeyer out of Heiress B as a 2 year old. Wyleigh did exceptionally well in the American Hanoverian Society 2012 Futurity awards. She was awarded 3rd place for all 2 year old fillies and 5th place over all 2 year olds. This is a great accomplishment since she was competing against ALL 2 year old Hanoverians in the USA!

Heiress is in foal to Rotspon for 2013. Don't miss this opportunity to own one of her outstanding foals. We are currently offering this foal at an in-utero price (colt option only) with a live foal guarantee.

Contact Cheryl@HiddenAcresFarm.Net; 517-673-2386

December 2012

Introducing Candidate (EMC) Havannah L by His Highness out of Raritat by (Rubinstein/Eisenbarth). We are very excited that Havannah L has now joined the Hidden Acres Brood mare herd. Havannah is a 16.1h black Hanoverian Mare who achieved " Candidate" status through her AHS Mare Performance Testing and Inspection in 2012. She must have a foal to achieve the full status. Stay tuned for Havannah's 2014 foal announcement.

Havannah L boasts the same high rideability and movement scores like her sisters Halleluja HA and Heiress B. Their sire His Highness is ranked in the top 1% of dressage producing sires.

Our thanks to Leatherdale Farms (Doug and Louise) for their stallion His Highness and allowing us to purchase Havannah L.

November 2012

The 2012 foal crop has left the farm and they are now safe and snug at their new homes. We will look forward to hearing about and seeing pictures of them in the future from their owners.

Stay tuned for our 2013 foals which are offered For Sale

October 2012

Introducing the "2012 Hidden Acres Farm Drill Team":

Wroyal Dancer by Wild Dance out of Heiress out of His Highness

Fabio Auguste ("Fame") by Fabuleux out of Radunja out of Rosentau

Sir Highness by Sandro Hit out of Halleluja out of His Highness

Sadly the boys are starting to leave the farm this week heading to their new homes. Memories of them will always be held close to our hearts.

Contact: Cheryl@HiddenAcresFarm.Net - 517-673-2386 for more information about future foals.

June, 2012

The girls loved our visitor from Australia, Tracy Watson (and friend Erin who lives state side), who anxiously awaits her His Highness foals this winter. A good time was had by all. And.. EM Halleluja didn't slip into Tracy's car trunk when she left :>)


Thanks to Canadian visitors for all the playing they did with the boys; Fabio Auguste and Sir Highness

Ann brought a big ball and the boys sure had fun!

See more pictures on the boy's web pages: Fabio and Sir Highness

Wroyal Dancer missed out on the fun as he was at the repo clinic with mom. Next time Dancer!

May, 2012

Congratulations to Heiress on the birth of her Wild Dance colt born May 8th at 5:00 a.m. We have named him "Wroyal Dancer". He is very social and friendly with large elastic movement.

SOLD - Congratulation to Karen Roberts from MA, the proud new owner of Wroyal Dancer.

Contact: Cheryl@HiddenAcresFarm.Net - 517-673-2386

Wroyal Dancer at 4 days old

April, 2012

Congratulations to Halleluja on the birth of her Sandro Hit colt born April 4th at 11:05 p.m.. Here he is at two weeks old. Very uphill and light on his feet. After we saw him there was only one name for him "Sir Highness". His trot illustrates high knee action on springs! See more pictures . VIDEO at 7 weeks old ; Canter at 7 Weeks

SOLD - Congratulation to Pat Deasy from FL, the proud new owner of Sir Highness.

Contact: Cheryl@HiddenAcresFarm.Net - 517-673-2386

Sir Highness at 7 Weeks old


Congratulations to Radunja on the birth of her Fabuleux colt born April 3rd at 3:30 a.m. Here he is at 2 weeks old. We have named him Fabio Auguste. He has powerful dressage gaits including an outstanding canter! See more pictures . VIDEO at 7 weeks old

SOLD - Congratulation to Ann Lavigne from Quebec, the proud new owner of Fabio (Fame)

Contact: Cheryl@HiddenAcresFarm.Net - 517-673-2386

Fabio Auguste at 7 Weeks old


Donnalja Frederika ; 2008, 16.2 Black Hanoverian mare by Don Frederico out of Radunja by Rosentau (Rubinstein).

Donnalja was Champion at her MPT, Multiple times Champion as a 3 year old USDF Materiale (under saddle) AND In-Hand. High rideability, excellent movement, well rounded with 8's in jumping for technique and scope.

She represents 7 direct generations of SPS/s in her damline which is very rare and indication of a long lineage of top quality performance horses.

Click Here for More About Donnalja

SOLD - Congratulation to Sabina DiSanso, the proud new owner of Donnalja.


Donnalja Frederika

December, 2011

A picture is said to be worth a 1,000 words. Here is a "picture resume" of the s of Hidden Acres.

Multiple championships and awards achieved in the USA and Germany.

Well done Girls!

November, 2011

Congratulations to Wyleigh Princess, owned by Ruth Shirkey for achieving award of 2011 USDF Yearling Champion in Region 7.

Wyleigh is Heiress' 2010 Filly by Weltmeyer.

See video


August, 2011

Donnalja Frederika by Don Frederico is named Champion of her Mare Performance Test. She is also now an Candidate.

Donnalja trained and ridden by Carrie Wilson of Wilson Sporthorses. Contact Carrie at 989-295-7187 for your young sport horse training needs.


Congratulations to Radunja for now producing 2 Elite daughters: Halleluja and Donnalja.

Radunja is expecting a foal from Fabuluex in 2012.


Wroyal William H.A. by Weltmeyer out of Heiress was named TOP COLT at the large AHS inspection.

Judges comments were "very modern in type, good neck set and frame, very elastic, an improvement of the mare" and "this colt really has an engine".

Congratulations to Heiress for once again bringing home the top foal honors. Wyleigh Princess by Weltmeyer was Top Filly in 2010.

William is owned by Kathy Judge of Michigan.

Heiress is in foal to Wild Dance (by Wolkenstein, son of Weltmeyer) for 2012.

Heiress's 2010 filly Wyleigh Princess is shown below as a yearling competing in USDF class where she achieved a 76.31% score and won her yearling class.


Shamrok Hit by Sandro Hit out of Halelluja at his AHS inspection.

Judges comments were: "Modern in type, nice head, good neck set and frame, very elastic in his movements. he is a very special colt and he knows it!" They went on to say that both foals presented by Hidden Acres were top colts but "one showed himself a little more today than the other".

Shamrok Hit is owned by Trudean Knight of British Columbia.

Halelluja is in foal again to Sandro Hit for a 2012 foal. This foal is offered

Haleluja's 2010 colt Qrown Prince is shown below as a yearling competing in USDF class where he achieved a 77.1% score.

NEWS Regarding LAST YEAR'S Foals:

Qrown Prince, achieved a 77.1% score in USDF yearling class in New York.

Prince is Halleluja's 2010 colt by Quaterback.

Prince is owned by Debbie Gunset and was presented at the show by Hilltop Farm's Michael Bragdell. Prince is being raised at Hilltop Farms.


Wyleigh Princess achieved a 76.31% score and won her yearling USDF class in CA.

Wyleigh is Heiress's 2010 filly by Weltmeyer and a full sister to Wroyal William.

Wyleigh is owned by Ruth Shirkey of CA.

July, 2011

Donnalja Frederika continues to train. Congratulations to trainer Carrie Wilson on the results of July Waterloo show:

  • 3 year old Filly Champion 80% from Judge Carter Bass. See Video Here

  • 3 year old Material Champion 75.3

  • Filly Champion

  • Young Horse Champion

  • Grand Champion

Next stop: AHS Mare Inspection and Mare Performance Test on August 12th. Fingers crossed!


Donnalja Frederika continues to train for her AHS Mare Performance Test by competing at USDF dressage shows. Here are her latest accomplishments at Horse Shows at the Bay:

Video of 3 year old filly USDF Materiale Class; Result: Winning her class with 78%

  • 3 year old Materiale Champion (under saddle); 78% score from Judge Kristi Wysocki

  • 3 year old FIlly Champion

  • Filly Champion

  • Young Horse Champion

  • Grand Champion

Donnalja trained and ridden by Carrie Wilson of Wilson Sporthorses

Contact Carrie at 989-295-7187 for your Young Sport Horse training needs.

June, 2011

Donnalja Frederika, debuts at her first USDF show at Waterloo.

The results: 77.7% score from Judge Louis Koch in the 3 year old Materiale Class.

Congratulations to Donnalja and her trainer/rider Carrie Wilson!

Video 3 years old - warm up first show

May, 2011

Introducing Wroyal William HA, a stunning Weltmeyer colt out of EM Heiress by His Highness (Hohenstein/Donnerhall). He looks very much like Heiress did as a foal, but in a chestnut color. William has outstanding movement, including his mother's exceptional walk, long legs, white socks and a partial blaze. He is very social and confident.

William is a full brother to Wyleigh Princess. Wyleigh was named the TOP Filly at the very large AHS Inspection in 2010. Read below for more information on this inspection

William was destined to be with Kate. SOLD- Congrats to Kathy of MI.

March, 2011

Congratulations to Halleluja on the birth of her Sandro Hit Colt! He was born within minutes of Saint Patrick's Day so, appropriately he was named Shamrok Hit, "Paddy" for short.

He is black and mousy color with two back small white socks and one front white anklet. And.. boy do we have legs!

It is unseasonably cold in Michigan so he is becoming very used to wearing blankets.

Video at 9 days old.

SOLD - Congratulations to Trudean of BC.

November, 2010

Hidden Acres is very proud of the article on page 29 of the 2010 AHS Fall Magazine where Dr. Ludwig christman of the German Verband discussed our foals at the Summer AHS inspection in Michigan. Here is what he said:

"Cheryl and Eric Johnson both had really big smiles on their faces after the foal show. They were extremely successful, winning both the titles of top colt and top filly from three foals they presented. Winning was not easy this day, as there was really strong competition. Breeders here have really invested in quality broodmares and the foal crop showed that this concept pays off. Nine colts and four fillies were presented and the overall quality was very high. The top colt was by Quaterback out of EM Hallelujah H.A., by His Highness. He had tremendous presence combined with a very attractive type and good movement. He was the most complete package.

The top filly was bred out of another His Highness daughter, EM Heiress B, and sired by the legendary Weltmeyer, showing that his qualities are not going out of fashion. His daughter excelled with correct conformation, type and good gaits, and her walk deserves special mention."

July, 2010

Congratulations to the Hidden Acres' "Ladies", EM Heiress and EM Halleluja for producing the TOP Colt AND TOP Filly out of 13 foals presented at the AHS Inspection in MI at Turning Point Farm.

Wyleigh Princess by Weltmeyer / EM Heiress B
TOP Filly at MI AHS Inspection. Owned by Ruth Shirkey of CA

Qrown Prince by Quaterback / EM Halleluja
TOP Colt at MI AHS Inspection. Owned by Debbie Gunset of NY


June, 2010

Congratulations to Heiress (His Highness/Matcho AA) on the birth of her filly, Wyleigh Princess by Weltmeyer. This filly is very correct with powerful movement. She represents the bloodlines of the champion of champions: Weltmeyer, what else is there to say, except she also has the added touch of class and temperament of His Highness.

SOLD - Congratulations to Ruth and Eric from CA.

April, 2010

Congratulations to Radunja (by Rosentau and Weltmeyer) on the birth of her colt by Londonderry. This colt is tall, black and blingy with incredible movement and represents the foundation stallion bloodlines of: Londonderry, Rosentau, Rubinstein, Weltmeyer, Warkant, Grande, Eiger, Pik Koenig.

SOLD - Congratulations to Dawn from PA.

March, 2010

Congratulations to Halleluja (by His Highness and Rosentau) on the birth of a colt by Quaterback. With such royal bloodlines we had to give him a royal title. We are proud to introduce: "Qrown Prince". This breeding features the stallion bloodlines of Quaterback, Brentano II, His Highness, Hohenstein, Donnerhall, Feiner Stern, Rosentau, Rubinstein and Weltmeyer.

SOLD - Congratulations to Debbie from NY.


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